Manga: Kamio Yui wa Kami wo Yui 神緒ゆいは髪を結い (Chapter 4, オルチャン激突祭)


  • Context: Mai-nyun まいにゅん unleashes her ultimate technique on Kamio Yui 神緒ゆい.
  • yankii gyaru ougi
    Delinquent gal secret technique.
  • maji-manji-gatame
    Serious swastika hold.
    • maji-manji
      (a slang vaguely meaning something is intense.)
    • manji-gatame
      Swastika hold. (literally.)
      Octopus hold. (English name for the same wrestling technique.)
    • This is the skill that Mai-nyun acquired after arduous training as a gyaru. Don't ask me what in the world that training was. I have absolutely no idea.
    • Unlike the normal manji-gatame, which targets only a few vital spots, the maji-manji-gatame targets 109 vital spots, according to the manga.
    • This number, 109, pronounced maru-kyuu, literally "circle nine," with "circle" being a way to say "zero" when spelling out numbers, is in reference to the iconic department store in Shibuya 渋谷, the Ichi-maru-kyuu 109, which is a tower with a red 109 written on it.

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