• *"ijimenaide kure yo~.
    boku wa warui suraimu janai yo.

    ボクは わるいスライムじゃないよ。
    pls no bully,
    I'm not a bad slime.
    • ijimeru いじめる
      To pick on. To bully. To be cruel to.
  • Menu:
  • komando コマンド
  • hanasu, jumon
    話す, 呪文
    Talk, spell (cast heal, etc.).
  • tsuyosa dougu
    強さ, 道具
    Strength (stats), tools (items).
  • soubi, sakusen
    装備, 作戦
    Equipment, strategy (reorder party members).
  • tobira, shiraberu
    扉, 調べる
    Door (opens a door adjacent to you), investigate (opens chests under you for some reason).
    • And yes, you actually got THREE different commands—talk, door, investigate—to do stuff where a normal RPG would have only one command that does any of the three depending on what is in front of you.
  • The brief window on the bottom right is the name of the characters, their HP and MP.
  • Minea ミネア
  • Maanya マーニャ

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