Manga: Maoujou de Oyasumi 魔王城でおやすみ (Chapter 7, 夢みる毒キノコ)


  • Context: the princess is dead. The demon cleric tells the demon lord how she died.
  • chiiin
    *ring of a bell* (sound effect used when a character dies or is defeated, probably originates from the bell used in a butsudan 仏壇, a "Buddhist altar" for a deceased family member.)
  • doku-kinoko no boushi wo futon ni shita sou desu...
    It seems that [she] made a poisonous-mushroom's cap into a bed.
    • In other words, she used the cap (the top part) of the mushroom as if it were a bed.
    • She treated it as a bed.
    • futon
      Traditional Japanese bedding, typically placed on a tatami floor. The term refers to both the mattress and the duvet, but just "bed" is a good enough translation most of the time..
  • moshikashite baka na no ka?
    Could it be that [she] is an idiot?

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