• Context: a girl enjoys an audio CD.
  • aa~~
  • ii wa~~
    [It's] good~~
  • nani naiteru no?
    [Why are you] crying?
  • kimi ga warui-n-da yo?
    It's your fault, [you know]?
  • boku igai no otoko nanka to
    hanasu kara...

    It's because [you] talk with guys other than me...
  • yandere danshi
    kotoba-zeme shidhii

    Yandere boys verbal abuse CD
    • yandere ヤンデレ
      Mentally ill and in love. (personality type.)
    • E.g. stalker, abusive boyfriend, etc.
  • yosou ijou ni ii wa~~
    It's better than I imagined.
    • Good above expectation. (literally.)
  • Tomoko is enjoying a CD in which yandere characters speak verbally abusive phrases into her ear. In the featured scene, the yandere boy narrates the girl (the self-inserted listener, Tomoko) is crying. We can safely assume he made her cry somehow.
  • He says it's her fault he made her cry—she's the "bad" one, not him—because he saw her talking to other guys.
  • This is a typical pattern in abusive relationships where the guy tries to monopolize the girl. It's so typical there's even a name for it in anime: dokusen-gata yandere 独占型ヤンデレ, "monopoly-type yandere."
  • And yes, such CDs actually exist. People pay money for this. Here, I googled it and got an example video free on Youtube that has an English translation (you might want to listen it with headphones on so people don't ask what in the world you're listening to. I mean it. You really, really, REALLY don't want to have to explain the lines.):

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