Manga: Sabagebu! さばげぶっ! (Chapter 1, 転校初日)


  • Context: Sonokawa Momoka 園川モモカ starts the series with wrong foot.
  • ...n~~ atatteru... dake?
    ...hmm~~ is [it] just... touching?
    • ataru
      To touch. To hit. For two things to be in contact with each other, like a girl's butt and a perv's hand.
  • iya, chigau na... kanppeki ni sawarareteru na kore wa...
    いや ちがうな・・・かんっぺきにさわられてるなコレは・・・
    No, [that's not it]... [it] is completely [me] being touched, this [situation...
  • chikan ni attemasu
    [She] is having an encounter with molestation. (literally.)
    • au 遭う, "to meet," in the sense of having an encounter with a situation, a bad one.
  • tenkou shonichi kara saiaku da na o~~i...
    From the first day after changing schools, [this] is the worst, o~~i...

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