Manga: Hinomaru-zumou 火ノ丸相撲 (Chapter 1, 潮 火ノ丸)


  • Context: Ushio Hinomaru 潮火ノ丸 catches a groper while going to school by train. Unfortunately for him, this is an anime about sumou 相撲, so he's wearing only a sumo loincloth instead of pants, also known as a mawashi 回し.
  • konna mane shite hazukashikunai-n-ka!
    Aren't [you] ashamed of behaving like this?
    • ~nai-n-ka is ~nai no ka ないのか.
    • mane wo suru
      To behave [in a way].
      To mimic [something] by behaving like it.
  • otentosama wa mitoru zo!!
    [God] is watching!
    • More literally, tentou 天道, literally "celestial path," refers to "the Sun," taiyou 太陽, which in Japanese culture is also known as the goddess Amaterasu-ookami 天照大神.
  • zawa zawa zawa
    *sound of commotion from the crowd gathering*
  • ooi ekiin-san! kocchi kocchi!
    Hey, [train] station employee! This way, this way!
  • nante kakkou wo shiteru-n-da kisama!!
    What [outrageous] outfit [you're wearing]!
    • kakkou wo suru
      To make [oneself] appear somehow.
      To wear an outfit.
  • ha'!? iyai ya!! chikan wa kocchi jate kocchi!!
    はっ!?いやいや!!チカンはこっちじゃて こっち!
    Hah!? No, no!! The pervert is this [guy], [I'm telling you], this [guy]! (not me!)

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