• Context: Kuroki Tomoko 黒木智子 learns her friend has been groped in the train, proceeds to say one of the stupidest things you'll ever read in manga.
  • pi' den'wa shuuryou shimashita
    *beep* the call ended.
  • moshikashite watashi igai no joshikousei tte hotondo chikan sareteru no ka?
    Could it be that, except for me, most high school girls have been molested?
  • nanda kono haibokukan...
    What's with this feeling of defeat...
  • maru de chikan ni atteru hou ga onna toshite sugureteru mitai na...
    It's like if the ones that have had an encounter with a molester are superior as women...
    • Note: Tomoko has obvious mental issues, and she's the protagonist of a cringe dark comedy manga, so, for the love of all that's holy, disregard whatever she says.
    • But, anyway, her hypothesis is like saying "only hot girls get groped," which subsequently means, in Tomoko's mind, that "since I haven't been groped yet, that means I'm not hot enough."
    • Obviously, this is all sorts of wrong, because, again, Tomoko has some serious issues.

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