Manga: Jujutsu Kaisen 呪術廻戦 (Chapter 19, 幼魚と逆罰)


  • Context: Gojou Satoru 五条悟 introduces Nanami Kento 七海建人, who's his junior.
  • datsu-sara jujutsushi no Nanami-kun deesu
    [He] is the ex-salaryman curse-technique-master Nanami-kun!
    • jujutsu 呪術 means literally "curse," noroi 呪い, "technique," jutsu 術, and ~shi ~師 is a suffix that means "master," as in someone who has mastered techniques in the study of something.
    • Normally jujutsushi would translate to "witch doctor" or "shaman," who use curses on people, like straw dolls, but in this series the translation "sorcerer" is also used, even though a magic sorcerer would be a majutsushi 魔術師 instead.
  • sono iikata yamete kudasai
    Please stop with that way-of-saying. (literally.)
    Please stop calling me that, introducing me like that, etc.

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