Manga: One Punch Man, Wanpanman ワンパンマン (Chapter 2, 蟹と就活)


  • Context: Saitama サイタマ isn't a even salaryman yet, he was searching for a salaryman job, doing job interviews, until he meets a monster that wants to murder children and he remembers what he really wanted to become.
  • sarariiman janakute, {{temee mitee na} {akarasama na} akuyaku wo ichigeki de buttobasu} hiiro ni naritakatta-n-da yo
    サラリーマンじゃなくて テメーらみてーなあからさまな悪役を一撃でぶっ飛ばすヒーローになりたかったんだよ
    Not a salaryman, [I] wanted to become a hero [that] {[sends flying] {blatantly} evil-guys {like you} with a single attack}.

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