Manga: Gintama 銀魂 (Chapter 16)


  • Context: Gintoki 銀時 enters a taxi.
  • tada de tsure-mawashite-kure ya
    [Drive me] around for free.
    • tsure-mawasu
      To bring [someone], tsureru 連れる, around, mawasu 回す, places.
      (compound verb.)
    • Generally used in a bad meaning, of something taking someone else around and wasting their time, but in this case it's because Gintoki has nothing better to do and wants a free ride.
  • fuzakenna yo, temee
    ふざけんな テメー
    [Don't screw around,] you.
    (emotive right-dislocation.)
  • kocchi wa shigoto de yatte-n-da yo!
    My side is doing it as a job!
    • I'm doing it as a job!
    • I'm not driving around for fun, it's not free, your side (the customer) has to pay me.

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