Manga: Majo no Tabitabi 魔女の旅々 (Chapter 1, 魔法使いの国)


  • Context: in a world with magic, and in which Japan exists, but also in which the story doesn't take place in Japan somehow.
  • onegai shimasu! douka boku ni shiken no gokui wo oshiete kudasai!
    [I] beg [you]! Please teach [me] [how to pass the exam]! (literally "the secrets of the exam".)
  • ...nandesu ka, sono shisei
    ・・・なんですか その姿勢
    ...that pose, what is [it]?
    (emotive right-dislocation.)
  • kore wa {boku no kokyou ni tsutawaru} dentou bunka, dogeza desu
    これはぼくの故郷に伝わる伝統文化 土下座です
    This is a piece of traditional culture [that] {is passed down in my homeland}, the dogeza.
  • {fukai shazai ya isshou no onegai ni tsukau} hissatsu-waza desu
    [It] is a sure-kill technique [that] {[you] use in a profound apology or in an once-in-a-life request}.

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