• Context: Fuurinji Hayato 風林寺隼人, an elder martial arts master, talks about how someone visited him earlier.
  • iya, jitsu wa nou...
    Erm, the truth [is that]...
    [To tell the truth]...
    • iya - interjection.
    • nou のう - sentence ending particle typically used by old men.
  • hiru ni taisou shinkoku sou ni, washi no tokoro ni kite no~~
    At day, looking very serious, [he] came to me, and [then]...
    • washi no tokoro
      My place. Where I am. Where I was at the time.
    • no~~ - same as nou, except in this case used as an interjection between phrases.
    • nou has a long vowel expressed by う or .
    • ~ is a stylized ー (prolonged sound mark), which also represents a long vowel.

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