Manga: Doushirou degozaru 道士朗でござる (Chapter 4, なぜか街の人気者)


  • Context: Kiriu Doushirou 桐柳道士郎 was born in Japan but raised in Nevada, U.S.A., as a Japanese samurai, who likes having honorable battles and stuff like that, except that:
  • sessha φ, {dare to demo shoubu suru} wake dewa gozaran.
    It's not like I {will compete with [just] anybody}.
    • shoubu - to compete against, to have a battle with, to fight with.
    • dewa gozaran - archaism, same meaning as dewa gozaimasen ではございません.
  • kuzu-domo towa sen no da.
    [I] don't do [it] with scum.
    • In other words, Doushirou only competes with honorable people, against scum he just beats them up.
    • sen せん - contraction of senu せぬ, archaism for shinai しない, negative form of suru する.

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