Manga: Masamune-kun no Revenge, 政宗くんのリベンジ (Chapter 5, 学生の本分は勉強です)


  • Context: Futaba Tae 双葉妙, who had previously confessed her love to Makabe Masamune 真壁政宗, becomes infatuated with series token trap character, Shuri Kojuurou 朱里小十郎, prompting a response from Masamune.
  • chotto matte, souiu shumi?
    ちょっと待って そういう趣味?
    Wait a second, [you] [have] that sort of fetish?
    • shumi
      A sort of thing one likes.
      A hobby.
      A fetish.
  • {{ore e} no ai wo katatta} kuchi wa?
    [What happened to] the mouth [that] {spoke of love {toward me}}? (literally.)
    Where is the person that said she loved me?
    • Are you the same person that said that?
  • otokonoko to otokonoko wa betsu wa betsubara dakara!
    [It] is because boys and traps are [different things]!
    • betsu-bara
      A separate stomach.
      Separate stomachs. (plural.)
    • Here used in the sense that her love for boys and her love for traps aren't the same sort of love.
  • {{iya na} kakiwake shiteru} no ga me ni ukabu!
    [I have an unpleasant feeling that] {[you] are writing them differently}!
    • iya da

      Unpleasant. Unwanted. Irking.
      Used to refuse something you don't want.
    • kaku
      To write.
    • wakeru
      To divide. To separate. To distinguish.
    • {iya na} kaki-wake
      A way to distinguish things in writing [that] {is unpleasant}.
    • me ni ukabu
      To float in one's eyes. (literally.)
      To picture. To imagine something visual.
    • Since Masamune is a manga character, he can't READ the text of text balloons, which are spoken in-universe, but he imagines that Tae's speech would have the word otokonoko unpleasantly spelled in two different ways, one of them being "trap," if the speech were to be written.

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