Manga: Minami-ke みなみけ (Chapter 1, ホットケーキにしましょう)


  • Context: Minami Kana 南夏奈 welcomes home her younger sister, Minami Chiaki 南千秋.
  • tadaima
    [I'm back].
  • okaeri
    [Welcome back].
  • tteiuka, are da na
    [Or rather], [it] is that.
    • are da - "[it] is that," as in "you know, it's that thing when, which, etc.," used like this to refer to an idea the speaker assumes to be known already, and will remind the listener of next.
  • omae wa hayaku kaette watashi no asobi-aite wo suru beki da
    You should return home quickly and be my play-partner.
    You should come home quickly to play with me.
    • Kana reminds Chiaki of what she should do.
  • konna jikan made doko hottsuki-aruiteta-n-da, kono yarou
    Where were [you] loitering around until this [late], you bastard?
    • konna jikan made - until this hour, until this late.
    • ~teta-n-da - contraction of ~te-ita no da ~ていたのだ.

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