Manga: Vinland Saga (Chapter 21, ヴァルハラ)


  • Context: vikings viking around.
  • {hajime wa are datta} kedo Ingurando (kocchi) no biiru nimo chikagoro narete-kita yo na
    {At first [it] was "that"} but lately [I feel like] [I] have gotten used to England's beer.
    • i.e. at first the beer felt weird, but lately he's gotten used to it. 
    • kocchi こっち, "this side," is used as gikun 義訓 for England in this panel because the vikings aren't from around England, i.e. their country is "over there," acchi あっち, and to "this direction," "this side," "around here," kocchi こっち, is England.
  • a! ii na, ore nimo hitokuchi
    あ!いいな オレにもひとくち
    Ah! [That] is nice. Give a sip to me, too.

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