• Context: Shinku 真紅 explains how proxy battle-based anime plots work to a main character who just got himself into a proxy battle-based anime plot via magic contract.
  • ii koto?
    • Just pretend it means "let me tell you something good," or "do you want to hear something good?" or "do you know what's good?" Or something like that, except it's not used before telling someone something good, it's just used to call their attention.
  • {tatakau} tame niwa
    chikara ga iru no yo

    In order {to fight}, power is necessary.
    (double subject construction.)
    • To fight, I need power. (no. wai.)
  • demo
    dooru tantai dewa
    utsuwa ni suginai

    But a doll alone doesn't exceed a vessel.
    • However, a doll is but a vessel.
    • I'm nothing more than a vessel.
  • (insert some half-baked anime logic required to shoehorn a middle school kid protagonist into a violent poltergeistic killer doll battle royale here.)

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