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  • Context: Kuroki Tomoko 黒木智子 ponders on pairings.
  • yahari chibi to shota wa {kumi-awase ga warui}
    On a second thought, between a chibi and a shota {the combination is bad}.
    On a second thought, a short person and a little boy don't pair well.
    (double subject construction.)
    • yahari - used when reevaluating something.
    • chibi - a shorty, someone small.
    • kumi-awase - to put two things together, to combine, to pair.
  • yahari {shota wa eroi oneesan to kumi-awaseru} beki na no ka?
    Thinking again, it's best for {a shota to be paired with a sexy oneesan}?
    Thinking again, a shota should be paired with a sexy oneesan?

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