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Manga: Seitokai Yakuindomo 生徒会役員共 (Volume 3, Page 129, おっきいスズ)


  • Context: Amakusa Shino 天草シノ, who has a complex about her flat chest, talks to Hagimura Suzu 萩村スズ, who has a complex about her height.
  • Hagimura, ureshi-sou da na
    萩村 嬉しそうだ
    Hagimura, [you] seem happy, huh.
  • kinou, hakattara chotto ookiku nattemashite
    昨日 測ったらちょっと大きくなってまして
    Yesterday, [when] [I] measured [it], [I] had gotten a little bigger.
  • *gestures over her head*
  • kono choushi de watashi wa dondon seichou suru koto deshou
    At this pace I'll keep growing up, [won't I].
  • shikashi rori-kyonyuu wa {baransu φ warui} zo?
    But rori-kyonyuu {the balance is bad}. (literally.)
    (double subject construction.)
    • In the sense of the person's size and the breast size is unbalanced.
  • nanka hanashi tsuujitenakatta
    [It looks like you didn't get what I meant].
    • Hagimura was talking about growing up in height, but Shino understood it as growing up in breast size.
    • tsuujiru
      For the meaning of something that is said to be understood by someone else. In this case, the meaning of what Hagimura said wasn't understood by Shino.
    • tsuujitenakatta - contraction of tsuujite-inakatta.

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