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  • Context: Kuroki Tomoko 黒木智子 wonder how she's unpopular.
  • shikashi busu janai nara naze motenai!!
    But if [I]'m not ugly then why [I] am not popular!!?
  • chibi de hin'nyuu dakara ka!?
    Because [I]'m a shorty and flat-chested!?
  • iya, demo rori-zuki niwa mushiro pointo φ takai daro!?
    いや でもロリ好きにはむしろポイント高いだろ!?
    No, but to [guys] that like lolis [something like that] would [be great], wouldn't it!?
    (double subject construction.)
    • pointo takai
      Having high points. High score. Scored high.
    • She's saying she'd be a 10/10 to guys that like little girls for being shorty and flat-chested, i.e. she should be popular to a certain sort of people, at least.

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