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  • Context: basically this, but 10 times worse.
  • koko dake no hanashi... jitsu wa anata no fan datta no yo ne
    A story of here only... actually [I] was your fan. (literally.)
    Let's keep this between us... actually [I] was your fan.
  • nee doukashira
    [What do you think?]
  • futari de kossori nakayoku shinai?
    How about we get in good terms together?
    • shinai
      To not do. (sometimes used to ask if someone is okay with doing something.)
    • futari

      Two people. Us two. We.
    • nakayoku suru
      To make peace. To become in good terms.
      To have sex. (euphemism, see: naka ga ii 中がいい.)
  • Note: the name of the character is means "sadist."

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