Manga: Doraemon ドラえもん (Chapter 14, 雪でアッチッチ)


  • Context: the weather is cold, but Nobita のび太 used a cream that makes him feel warmer the colder it is.
  • yaa, minna.
    Hey, everybody.
  • kono atsui no ni, yoku sonna atsugi de irareru naa.
    In this hot [weather], [it's amazing] [you] can be in that sort of warm-clothes.
    • Here, sonna qualifies atsugi 厚着, "warm clothes," like sweaters. Nobita isn't referring to any specific atsugi they're wearing, so he doesn't say sono. He's referring to any clothes of the warm clothes sort, because any such clothing would be hard to wear in "this hot weather."
    • atsui no
      This is the adjective "hot" qualifying the no の particle, which acts as a nominalizer. In this case, it means the same thing as atsui tenki 暑い天気, "hot weather."
    • irareru - potential form of iru いる.
  • a'

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