Manga: Grand Blue, ぐらんぶる (Chapter 2, 新歓コンパ)


  • Context: Kitahara Iori 北原伊織 is talking with someone that says something that could be misinterpreted badly.
  • choi matta
    Wait a bit.
  • sono serifu tte {hata kara miru} to suggee hanzai-shuu ga...
    That line, if {seen by a third-person}, [it] [has] an incredibly criminal smell. (literally.)
    If someone hears that without context, they'll think it's a crime.
    (incomplete sentence, double subject construction with tte って topic marker.)
    • serifu 台詞 - a line, in the sense of dialogue, something that someone says, or said.
    • hata kara miru
      To see from the sidelines, in the sense of how an onlooker interprets a situation they aren't involved in, without full context.
    • suggee - same as sugoi すごい, with changes in pronunciation.
    • X-shuu
      [To have] an X smell. To reek of X. To appear to be X, such that other people can tell it's X from how it looks like.
  • pon'
  • ......
    • omawarisan
      Police offer. (the sort that patrols.)
    • junkai suru
      To go around [a place]. To patrol. To tour.

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