Manga: Hinamatsuri ヒナまつり (Chapter 9, 勘当ロックンロールフィーバー)


  • Context: Nitta Yoshifumi 新田義史 says what he did in a bar.
  • ojisan, ikura nandemo {hidoi} to omoimasu
    おじさん いくら何でもひどい思います
    [Mister], [no matter the circumstances] [I] think {[what you said] is horrible}.
    • The bartender, who is a child, refers to Nitta as ojisan, because he's at an age around of her father's age, or her father's brother's age, that is, he could be her uncle if they were related, he's uncle-aged, ojisan-aged.
    • ikura nandemo
      No matter how much, no matter the circumstances, regardless of what happened, etc.
  • honto ni..... {kakeru} kotoba mo nai wa......
    Really...... [I] don't even have [what to say]......
    • honto - same as hontou 本当, with long vowel shortened
    • kotoba wo kakeru
      To pour words [onto someone]. (literally.)
      To give someone words. To talk with someone.
  • pon
  • furufuru
    *shaking [head disapprovingly sideways]*
    (mimetic word.)

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