Manga: Gintama 銀魂 (Chapter 11, べちゃべちゃした団子なんてなぁ団子じゃねぇバカヤロー)


  • Context: Sakata Gintoki 坂田銀時 being the boke ボケ for Shimura Shinpachi's 志村新八 tsukkomi ツッコミ.
  • sou... karushiumu da
    [That's right]... calcium.
  • {karushiumu sae tottokya} subete φ {umaku} iku-n-da yo
    {If [you] just took calcium}, everything would go {well}, [you see].
    All you need to do is ingest calcium, and everything will go well.
  • ichigo gyunyuu
    Strawberry cow-milk.
  • juken sensou, oya to no kakushitsu, {ki ni naru} ano ko
    受験戦争 確執 気になるあの
    The exam war, discord with [your] parents, that girl [that] {[you] are interested into}.
    • Exam war refers to university entrance exams and the competition surrounding it.
  • toriaezu {{karushiumu tottokya} subete φ {umaku}...
    Anyway {if [you] take calcium} everything [will go] {well}...
    (incomplete sentence.)
  • iku} wake φ nee daro!!
    [There's no way that's true]!!
    • There's no way to translate the phrases above literally, because one completes the other, and the first one ends in the adverb umaku, "well."
    • subete ga {umaku} iku
      Everything will go {well}. (what Gintoki intended to say.)
    • {subete ga {umaku} iku} wake ga nai
      There's no way [that] {everything will go {well}}. (how Shinpachi completed the sentence.)
  • {ikura karushiumu tottetatte} naa, {kuruma ni hanerarerya} hone mo oreru wa!!
    {No matter how much calcium [you] take}, [you see], {if [you] get hit by a car} [your] bones break!!

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