Manga: Asobi Asobase あそびあそばせ (Chapter 12, 命懸け)


  • Context: Honda Hanako 本田華子 asks the student council president to listen to her objection about why the shōgi 将棋 club shouldn't get to use the classroom that they've been occupying to play games and fool around.
  • hai douzo
    Okay, [say it].
    • douzo - used to say someone is free to do something.
  • shoogi tte {oshiri kara biimu φ dasu} ano kyougi da shi, {kyoushitsu de yaru} niwa kiken janai desu ka!?
    ショーギってお尻からビーム出すあの競技だし 教室でやるには危険じゃないですか!?
    Shogi is that game [where] {[you] fire a beam from [your] butt}, so [it] would be dangerous {to do [it] in a classroom}, wouldn't [it]?
  • *everybody stares confused*
  • Hanako, mou yasunde-ii yo
    華子 もう休んでいいよ
    Hanako, [you] can rest already. (because you're so tired you're talking nonsense.)
  • are? nani-ka machigaechatta?
    Huh? Did [I] [say] something wrong?
    • ~chatta - contraction of ~te-shimatta ~てしまった.
  • Hanako-san no atama no naka niwa sonna kyougi ga aru no?
    Inside [her] head, a game like that exists?

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