Manga: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 魔入りました!入間くん (Chapter 54, 正反対の入間)


  • Context: Suzuki Iruma 鈴木入間 makes Valac Clara ウァラク・クララ sit on his lap in class. The entire class stares at them. In response, Iruma says:
  • nanda yo
    What is [it]?
    [What are you looking at]?
  • mise-mon janee zo
    [This] isn't a show.
    • mise-mon - contraction of mise-mono 見せ物, a "thing," mono, that you "show," miseru, others.
  • pii
    *head smoke noises*
  • Hearing this, Andro M. Jazz アンドロ・ジャズ retorts, making a gesture slapping the air:
  • iya, {dou mitemo} mise-mon daro
    いや どうみても見せもんだろ
    No, {no matter how you look at [it]} [it] is a show.
    • iya - "no" in the sense of "no, what you said is wrong:" this is clearly a show, and you're obviously doing it in front of everybody for everybody to see it.

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