Manga: Shinchou Yuusha 慎重勇者 (Chapter 10, もっと恐ろしいもの)


  • Context: Ryuuguuin Seiya 竜宮院聖哉 tells Ristarte リスタルテ, who is a goddess, that he has been collecting the hair he finds in her room to use an ingredient for his synthesis skill, which combines two items together, because goddess hair is a valuable (?) item, so it improves whatever item it's synthesized with.
  • Hearing this, given the amount of items Seiya had crafted using her hair, Ristarte worries she'll go bald.
  • uwa'... watashi no kami no ke, nuke-sugi...?
    Yikes... my hair hairs, are falling out too much...?
    • kami - hair of the head, ke - fur, hairs individually, kami no ke - hairs of one's head hair.
    • nukeru
      To come out. To fall out. To escape. To stop being contained.
  • wazuka go-fun de, {heya kara suu-jippon no ke ga hiroeru} "{tsugou no ii} gousei sozai".
    A "{convenient} synthesis material" [that] {in just five minutes, [one] can collect [dozens] of hairs [of] from [her] room}.
    • The "convenient synthesis material" is "goddess head hair," because you "can collect hairs" of it, ke ga hiroeru, from her room.
    • suu~
      A number of. Multiple. Various.
    • ~hon
      Long, cylindrical objects.
      (counter, ~bon is rendaku 連濁,~pon is handakuonka 半濁音化.)
    • suu-jippon
      Multiple tens of [hairs].
      [Dozens] of [hairs].
    • {tsugou ga ii}
      Its {convenience is good}.
      It {is convenient}.
      (predicative clause of a double subject construction.)
  • {nuketa} ke wa yon-juu-man-bon toppa!?
    The {fallen} hair has exceeded 400 thousands!?
  • shourai ga {riaru ni} shinpai da.
    [I]'m {seriously} worried about [my] future.
    • riaru
      Real. (as opposed to virtual, fictional, or, in this case, in a sense like "things just got real," it's not a thing you can take lightly like a joke.)

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