From left to right, top to bottom:
Hoshimiya Ichigo, 星宮いちご
Oozora Akari 大空あかり (& Ichigo again)
Shirogane Lily, 白銀リリィ
Kizaki Rei 騎咲レイ
Kamishiro Karen 神城カレン
Chouno Maika 蝶乃舞花
Anime: Aikatsu! Idol Katsudou!, アイカツ!アイドルカツドウ! (Episode 12, 178)
Anime: Aikatsu Stars!, アイカツスターズ! (Episode 37, 87)
Anime: Aikatsu Friends!, アイカツフレンズ! (Episode 24, 48)


Several Aikatsu characters doing the Sunrise stance (サンライズ立ち): Hoshimiya Ichigo, 星宮いちご, Oozora Akari 大空あかり, Shirogane Lily, 白銀リリィ, Kizaki Rei 騎咲レイ, Kamishiro Karen 神城カレン, and Chouno Maika 蝶乃舞花. In the series, it's a school tradition to cut down a fir tree at Christmas. The three was cut down by axe in episode 12, by chainsaw in episode 37 of Stars, and by sword and punch combo in episode 87 of Stars. In episode 48 of Friends, an axe used to cut down the fir tree was found among other items.

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