Manga: Noragami ノラガミ (Chapter 1, ジャージのひと)


  • Context: Mutsumi 睦美 says why she's frustrated.
  • datte... minna ijimeru shi, mushi suru shi'...
    Because... everybody bullies [me], ignores [me]...
  • Mutsumi φ, nanimo {warui} koto shitenai noni!
    睦美 なにも悪いことしてないのに!
    Even though Mutsumi did nothing wrong!
  • ichininshou ga namae tte no ga shara-kusee
    [Using] [your] name as first person pronoun feels cheeky.
    • shara-kusee - contraction of shara-kusai 洒落臭い, literally "reeking of impertinence," as in it seems like it's cheeky, impudent, from how it looks.
  • Yato-san kuuki wo!!
    Yato-san, read the [air]!!
    (incomplete sentence.)
    • kuuki yome
      Read the air. (literally.)
      Read the room. Pay attention to social cues. (used here because the girl was crying frustrated and he just threw a sharp jab on her behavior.)

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