• Context: a war starts about "fried rice," chaahan 炒飯チャーハン.
  • {{{tamago to kome wo mazete} itameru} dake toiu} shinpuru-sa yue ka otoko no te-ryouri toshite wa {pasuta ni narabu} ninki wo hokoru!
    [Perhaps because of] the simplicity [of] {just {{mixing eggs and rice} and then frying [it]}, [it] boasts a popularity [that] {rivals pasta} as a guy's cooking!
    • This sentence says that, because men can't cook, they prefer dishes that are easy to make, such as pasta, and fried rice is so simple to make that its popularity among guys as a dish choice rivals that of the pasta.
    • narabu - "to be side by side with [something]," "to line up with [something]," "to queue," "to rival in rank," "to be shoulder to shoulder with."
    • te-ryouri - literally "hand cooking," refers to cooking done by a person privately, rather than a cook professionally.
  • ~~daga shinpuru nagara tsukuri-kata wa {hito ni yotte} sama-zama
    However, while simple the ways-to-cook [it] vary {from person to person}.

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