• Context: Fujiwara Chika 藤原千花 explains what (in her mind) is an anime otaku to Shinomiya Kaguya 四宮かぐや.
  • {aniota tte iu} no wa desu ne
    That [which] {[one] calls "anime otaku"} [is], [you see]...
    An "anime otaku" [is], [you see]...
    • aniota - abbreviation of anime otaku アニメオタク.
  • {{toshi-shita no kyara wo mama-atsukai shitari}
    {{jibun no yome to ii-hatte} kekkon shiyou to shitari}
    suru} hito-tachi no koto desu

    People [who] {do stuff like
    {treating characters younger [than them] as their mothers},
    or {{asserting [the character is] their wife} and trying to marry [the character]}}
    • mama-atsukai - to treat someone like a mama ママ, like a "mother." In this context, Fujiwara is referring to babumi バブみ, which refers to when a young girls feels like a mother. The babu part is a baby's blabbering, while the ~mi suffix is the same as omomi 重み, which is the feeling of weight, that something "is heavy," omoi 重い.
  • kyara to kekkon!?
    Marry with a character!?

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