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  • Context: a baka "couple," kappuru カップル.
  • mechakucha kawaii na, sono bura
    めちゃくちゃカワイイな そのブラ
    [It] is extremely cute, that bra.
  • daro, wakaru?
    だろ わかる?
    Isn't that right, [you] get [it]?
    • daro - "isn't it," "isn't that right."
    • wakaru - "to understand." Sometimes used like this to mean "to relate" to an opinion or experience. You get it? You get what I'm saying? I understand. I totally get what you mean.
  • o ki ni iri nanda
    [It] is [my favorite].
    • o ki ni iri - refers to something that you really like, to a favorite thing of yours.

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