Manga: Seto no Hanayome 瀬戸の花嫁 (Chapter 4, 天国に一番近い島)


  • Context: an over-protective father has a sudden and suspicious change of heart regarding his daughter's relationship with the male main character, who narrates:
  • {kyou ichinichi ore-tachi wa mujintou de asobu} koto ni natta!
    今日一日 俺達は無人島で遊ぶ事になった
    Things ended up so that {today, for the whole day, we will have fun on a deserted island}.
  • za za za zaaa
    *sound of water splashing under the boat*
  • demo {hontou ni} igai janee
    But it's {really} unexpected, isn't it?
  • {watashi-ra no kekkon ni mouhantai datta} ano otouchan ga...
    That father [who] {was vehemently against our marriage}...
    • ano otouchan - literally "that father," in this sentence, means "my father," but in respect to how he was in the past, at "that" time.
  • futari de mujintou de asonde-koi nante nee~~~!
    [told us] "go play only you two alone on a deserted island," huh~~~!
    • The first de で particle here limits number: futari de, "only two people," "only us two," "us two alone."
    • The second de で particle marks the location: mujintou de, "on a deserted island."
    • asonde-koi - imperative form (meireikei 命令形) of asonde-kuru 遊んで来る, "to go play [there] and come back [here]."
    • The father told them go to have fun on a deserted island, thus "things became such that" they'll go have fun on a deserted island.

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