Manga: Ya Boy Kongming!, Paripi Koumei パリピ孔明 (Chapter 1, 孔明、渋谷に降り立つ。)


  • Context: Kongming 孔明, a 3rd-century Chinese strategist with, like, 1 million IQ, is reincarnated in the modern world and is trying to learn about modern technology.
  • shite, kono.. burokkucheen no sakusei towa ikanaru koto deshou?
    して この・・ブロックチェーンの作成とはいかなる事でしょう?
    Then, this.. [so-called] blockchain creation, [what is it supposed to be]?
    • de, kono..
      So, this..
      (same meaning.)
    • ikanaru - same as dou iu どういう, dono you na どのような, "what sort of."
    • ikanaru koto - what sort of thing [is it supposed to be].

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