• Context: a customer asks for a coffee blend, the owner of a coffee shop starts talking about his passion.
  • jitsu wa watashi... burendo koohii niwa sukoshi jishin ga atte ne
    To tell the truth... I have a bit of confidence in [making] coffee blends, [you see].
  • {aji ya kaori wo {yoku} suru} tame ni go-shurui no koohii-mame wo tsukatte-iru-n-da
    In order {to make the taste and aroma {better}}, [I] use five types of coffee-beans.
  • {{sorezore no mochi-aji wo ikaseru} you ni kufuu wo kasaneta} no ga touten no burendo de ne
    {Using multiple techniques {to be able to bring out the flavor of each [bean]}} is this store's blend, [you see].
    • ikaseru - potential form of ikasu 生かす, "to make effective use of," in the sense of ensuring something can display its full effect.
    • kufuu - technique, trick, in the sense of simply doing something isn't good enough, so you add a something to it (the kufuu) to improve the result.
    • kanaseru - to stack, i.e. instead of using just one kufuu, the owner uses multiple one on top of the other.

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