• Context: the demon lord kidnapped a princess, but she causes a lot of trouble in the demon castle. During a conference, he's told he shouldn't mind it because of all she's going through, and as his cruel deeds are listed, the words hurt him.
  • {saratta} honnin
    The person himself [who] {kidnapped [the princess]}.
  • ano ko wa {nete-iru} aida ni saraware
    That girl was kidnapped while {[she] was sleeping}, and...
    • was sleeping - see Tense in subordinate clauses.
    • saraware - "kidnapped, and..." - ren'youkei 連用形 of sarawareru さらわれる, "to be kidnapped," passive form of sarau さらう, "to kidnap."
    • He gets struck by one arrow as he's told this.
  • ikinari kazoku to mo hiki-hanasareta
    ...suddenly separated from her family, too.
    • Second arrow.
  • soshite kono shiro de hitori-bocchi
    And in this castle [she] is all alone.
    • Third arrow.

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