Manga: Shadows House, シャドーハウス (Chapter 13, 授業)


  • Context: new servants learn about their cleaning tools and the mansion they have to clean.
  • kore mo souji dougu desu ka?
    These are cleaning tools, too?
  • kinkyuu-you nee
    For emergencies, [yes].
    To use in emergencies, [yes].
    • Note: the teaching character way of speaking features using a long vowel at the sentence end where there wouldn't normally be one, e.g. nee instead of ne ね.
  • {metta ni} {tsukawareru} koto wa nai waa
    {[For them] to be used} {rarely} happens.
    It's rare for them to be used.
    • tsukawareru - passive form of tsukau 使う, "to use."
    • metta ni ~nai - for something to rarely occur.
  • acchi no kaidan wa doko e tsunagatte-iru-n-desu ka?
    Those stairs are connected toward where?
    Where do those stairs lead to?
  • kicchin ya randorii yoo
    The kitchen and laundry.

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