Manga: Holy Land, ホーリーランド (Chapter 6, 挙拳 ~Determination~)


  • Context: Kamishiro Yuu 神代ユウ has gotten in a fight with delinquents, who are now searching for him. They find someone who knows him. Seeing this, Yuu says:
  • sono hito... Kaneda-kun wa mukankei nanda, onaji gakkou na dake de
    その人・・・金田君は無関係なんだ 同じ学校なだけで
    That person... Kaneda-kun has nothing to do with [this], [he]'s just from the same school [as me].
    • onaji gakkou na dake de mukankei nanda - he's just from the same school, and has nothing to do with our fight.
  • you ga aru no wa boku dake daro!!?
    The one [whom] {[you] have business with} is just me, [isn't it]?
    I'm the only one whom you have business with, am not I?
    It's me you want, isn't it?
    • Let Kaneda-kun go!

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