Manga: Doll-Kara, どるから (Chapter 1)


  • Context: an old man saves a cat from truck-kun and ends up getting killed in the process. The cat, thankful, puts him in the body of a young girl, then explains the situation to him.
  • sono karada ni tsuite wa {moushi-wake nai} to omotteru nya
    About that body, [I] feel {sorry} meow.
    I'm sorry about you ending up in that body, meow.
  • chikaku ni {tegoro na} nikutai ga nakute nya~~...
    There weren't any {suitable} bodies nearby, [you see], meow~~.
    • ~ga nakute na ~がなくてな - "there weren't [...], you see."
  • {zan'nen da} kedo moto no karada ni wa mou modorenai nya
    {It's unfortunate}, but you can't return to your former body anymore, meow.
  • kimi no nikutai wa katsudou wo teishi shite-shimatta kara nya
    Because your body has ceased activity, meow.
    • You're dead, meow.
    • ~wo teishi suru - "to cease," "to stop," suru-verb.

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