Left: Kurumizawa Satanichia McDowell, 胡桃沢=サタニキア=マクドウェル
Right: Vignette Tsukinose April, 月乃瀬=ヴィネット=エイプリル
Manga: Gabriel DropOut, ガヴリールドロップアウト (Chapter 21)


  • Context: Vignette, who is an angel, takes part in the Japanese custom of going to a Buddhist temple in the new year's eve, ringing a large bell, making a prayer wishing for something in the coming year (using ~you ni), then clapping twice. Satania, who is a demon, tags along, and while she foretells her ambitions coming true, she is a strong, independent demon who doesn't need no prayer to make them happen, so she doesn't use ~you ni.
    • misoka 三十日 - the last day of the month. Although literally it means the "30th day."
    • oo-misoka 大晦日 - the last day of the year, the new year's eve. Literally the "great" misoka, probably because it's the last of the last days.
    • joya no kane 除夜の鐘 - the name of the bell they ring in the temples.
  • garan garan
    *sound of the bell*
  • {minna ga kenkou de arimasu} you ni
    [Let it be that] {everyone be healthy}. (literally.)
  • pan pan
    *clap clap*
  • {dai-akuma ni} naru!!
    [I] will become {a great demon}.
  • inoranai kedo
    [I] won't pray, though.

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