Manga: Chainsaw Man, チェンソーマン (Chapter 6, 使役)


  • Context: a demon under custody is allowed to go outside.
  • majin Pawaa no gaishutsu wo kyoka shimasu
    [I] permit the going-outside of the demon Power. (literally.)
    [I] permit the demon Power to go outside.
    (performative utterance.)
  • {juu-shichi-ji made ni wa modotte-kuru} you ni!
    [Make sure] {to come back before seventeen hours}.
    You must return before 5 PM.
    (incomplete sentence.)
    • Here, the person permitting the leave warns the other characters they must keep in mind the following situation must happen: them "returning before 17 hours." If that doesn't happen, it's implied there will be trouble.

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