Manga: Ya Boy Kongming!, Paripi Koumei パリピ孔明 (Chapter 1, 孔明、渋谷に降り立つ。)


  • Context: a man from the past gets reincarnated in the modern world, gets bewildered by a mirror.
  • kagami.... kono {{{mizu no} you ni} suki-totta} mono ga?
    Mirror.... this thing [that] {is clear {like {water}}}? (literally.)
    • A mirror? This thing is a mirror?
    • Here, the character is comparing the properties of the mirror to the properties of the water, except the property is a verb, suki-tooru 透き通る, "to be transparent," "to be clear," in the sense of letting you see through it (hence why tooru 通る, "to go through," is part of the compound verb).
    • Considering the sentence, I guess the mirrors he knows about, from thousands of years ago, probably looked different, and weren't as clear as water the way the modern mirror is.

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