Manga: Sousou no Frieren, 葬送のフリーレン (Chapter 2, 僧侶の嘘)


  • Context: in a traditional JRPG setting, a hero had a party which included an elf. The elf outlived the hero, as elves live longer than human. She tells about what sort of person he was.
  • {watashi to wa chigatte} {{hitasura ni} massugu de}, {{{komatte-iru} hito wo kesshite mi-sutenai} you na} ningen deshita.
    {Different from me}, {[he] was [{always} frank] and}, was a human {the sort [that] {wouldn't [abandon] someone {being troubled [by something]}}}.
    Unlike me, he was the sort of person that would always help people in trouble.
    • hitasura - having only one thing in mind.
    • massugu - "completely direct," "completely straight (because a direct line is a straight one)," in the sense not masquerading their intentions or being roundabout about things, just straight going and helping people in this case and it being simply that and nothing more. Also used in the sense of being "honest" as not being "twisted," e.g. not living a criminal life, living a honest one.
    • chigatte - te-form of chigau 違う.
  • {{watashi dewanaku} kare ga iki-nokotte-ireba}, {ooku no mono wo sukueta} hazu desu.
    {If {not me but} he had survived}, [he] would have {been able to save many people}.
    If he was alive instead of me, he would be able to save many people. (which I didn't saved because I'm not like him).
    • iki-nokoru - literally "to live and remain," to remain living after an event, to survive. May mean they survived a mortal danger or simply that they're still alive while others are not.
    • sukueta - past form of potential form of sukuu 救う, "to save [people]."
    • hazu - used to say what one concurs would be true, regardless of whether it's true or not. In this case, she concludes: "[he] could save a lot of people," ooku no mono wo sukueta. This is past-tensed because it's a counterfactual conditional: if he were alive, he could save people, but the facts are he isn't alive, therefore those people weren't saved.

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