Manga: Seitokai Yakuindomo 生徒会役員共 (Volume 3, Chapter 42, Page 58, おっぱいの美学)


  • Context: Shichijou Aria 七条アリア explains to Amakusa Shino 天草シノ the hardships of having big breasts.
  • tatoeba Shino-chan no
    suki na hito ga kyonyuu-zuki no

    For example, in the case [in which] Shino-chan's liked person is big-breasts-liking...
    • For example, [imagine] the person [that you] like likes big breasts...
    • baai 場合
      Hypothetical case. (noun.)
      Imagine that... (whatever come before this word.)
      You have an adjective qualifying this word, describing what "hypothetical case" you're supposed to "imagine."
    • suki na hito 好きな
      Person [whom you] like. Romantic interest.
    • zuki 好き
      -liking. (suffix version of suki 好き, "liking.")
      -lover. Someone who likes something. Is liking something.
  • doryoku suru yochi ga aru-n-desho?
    There's room [for you] to put effort, right?
    • i.e. you can still do something about it.
    • Just grow some breasts, Shino-chan!
  • demo watashi no suki na hito ga hinnyuu-zuki na baai
    But if the person I like likes small breasts.
  • mou dou nimo naranai yo
    Already won't become anyhow.
    • Won't take any shape. Won't happen.
    • It's already hopeless. Futile.
    • There's nothing I can do about it.

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