Manga: Doushirou degozaru 道士朗でござる (Chapter 5, 道士郎、ブチ切れる)


  • Context: there are rumors Doushirou 道士朗 was in a fight in school. One student confirms the rumor with another.
  • go-nin mo ita noni attoyuuma ni yattsuketa tte.
    [Someone said that]: there were five people, and [he] beat [all of them] in a blink.
    • attoyuuma あっとゆうま
      {"a'" to iu} ma 「あっ」言う間
      The span of time it takes {to say "ah"}.
      A very short time. Before you can say "ah."
      Before you can blink.
  • aa, go-nin wa yattsuketa, hon no isshun de.
    Yeah, five people, [he] beat, in just one instant.
    • de
      Used to mark the time it takes to complete a task. In this case, it takes one instant to people people.
  • shikamo kan de.
    And using [his] intuition.
    • de で, again.
      Used to mark the instrument, method, or manner something is done. In this case, Doushirou beat five guys in a fight, instantly, and intuitively.

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