Manga: Zatch Bell!, Konjiki no Gash!! 金色のガッシュ!! (Chapter 5, 道具か人間か!?)


  • kono
    yaku tatazu

    [You useless brat]!!!
    • yaku ni tatsu 役に立つ
      To be useful.
      To act [one's] role. (more literally.)
    • tatazu 立たず
      Zu ず form of tatsu 立つ.
      Without doing (whatever tatsu means in the context.)
    • yaku tatazu 役立たず
      To be useless.
      Without acting [one's] role. (i.e. unfit for the job you were given.)
    • ga が particle
      This marks the subject, it's untranslatable.
      Normally it comes before something else, but the phrase is cut short here.

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