Manga: Kemono Michi けものみち (Chapter 3)


  • Context: a modern-world professional wrestler is summoned to a fantasy medieval isekai 異世界 as a powerful hero. He introduces himself as a furry and mistakes the whole thing as a hidden-camera prank. The soldiers, having no idea what he's talking about, begin to wonder whether the spell that translates what the summoned hero says is working as intended.
  • kemonaa dano
    dokkiri dano
    hanbun ijou imi ga
    wakaranai ga
    Furry, hidden-camera prank, [I] don't get more than half [of what he's saying], but.
    • imi ga wakaranai
      [I] don't understand the meaning.
      [I] don't get [it].
  • tabun, hatsudou wa
    shiteru hazu......
    多分 発動はしてるはず・・・・・・
    Probably, functioning it is.
    • Contrastive wa - the translation magic, functioning, it is, but his words being understandable, it isn't.
    • hazu はず
      A formal noun used when you expect, or suppose, that something is true. In this case, the soldier supposes the translation magic should be functioning.

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