Manga: Hikaru no Go ヒカルの碁 (Chapter 2, はるかな高み)


  • Context: Hikaru is looking for an adversary.
  • aitsu to uteru?
    Can [I] [play] with [him]?
    • Him, over there, not near you, not near me, far from us.
    • utsu 打つ
      To hit.
      To play. (a game like Go, in which you hit stones on a board.)
  • gata.. ガタ・・
    *chair feet hitting the floor as he gets up.* (onomatopoeia.)
  • a, uun, ano ko wa...
    あ うーん あの子は・・・
    Ah, err, [he] [is]...
    • ano ko あの子
      That child. That kid. (pronoun like aitsu, but used more by women.)

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