Manga: Killing Bites, キリングバイツ (Chapter 1, カーテンよりこっち側は見ない方がいい)


  • Context: Uzaki Hitomi 宇崎瞳 explains what is Killing Bites.
  • {kiba no surudoi} hou ga katsu
    The side [whose] {fangs are sharp} wins.
    The one with the sharpest fangs wins.
  • sore ga "Kiringu Baitsu" da
    That is "Killing Bites."
    • In the manga, "killing bites," kiringu baitsu キリングバイツ, is spelled with the kanji for "fang," kiba 牙 and "to fight," tatakau 闘う, so literally "fang-fight." This is called gikun 義訓.

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